Women’s leather bags are often considered luxury items because they are usually more expensive than other types of bags. Likewise, people often mistakenly assume that all leather bags are of the same quality. This is far from the truth. Some handbags are made of high-quality leather, while others are made of inferior leather materials. Therefore, before buying a new handbag, it is very important to understand the different types of leather to ensure the quality of the handbag you are buying.

artificial leather

Faux leather is not a real leather, but many items are actually faux leather and are often mislabeled as leather. A good indication that the product is made of faux leather, i.e. no warping or creases.


Derived from cowhide, there are several cowhide products, including furniture, car seats and luxury fashion items. When buying leather handbags, cowhide is considered the highest quality material. Not only is cowhide extremely durable, it is also aesthetically appealing. When you touch the cowhide, you should feel the roughness.

imported sheepskin

Lambskin leather has a soft texture and is an attractive material for some people. But due to its softness, this leather is not as durable as cowhide and is prone to tearing or warping.

Patch Leather

Derived from sheepskin or cowhide, made from small pieces of leather. Patch leather is also a more affordable option than other types of leather. Even if it is made up of smaller parts, it can be of high quality leather.

Which leather is best for your handbag?


When reading Beautiful Women’s Leather Bags, think about your goals. Do you want a soft case? Or are you on a tight budget? Do you want to buy a quality bag that will last for many years? The cowhide bag is durable and beautiful. If you don’t need a durable bag and are primarily concerned with feel, sheepskin will be a better choice.


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