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What service we do

LEATHER BAG FACTORY has 18 years of manufacturing experience, we specialize in manufacturing leather handbags, solve global handbag customization problems, provide oem & odm services. If you are looking for a global handbag manufacturer, then we are your best partner, 18 years of handbag manufacturing experience make us win the trust of our customers.

Three reasons to choose us


We have a strong team of handbag designers. Each designer has their proud work. They have many years of handbag design experience and design more than 30 new products every month.


We cooperate with more than 100 leather suppliers, the leather we use to make our handbags are all carefully selected first layer calfskin, we do not allow the leather to have a little flaw.

Factory strength

With 10,000 square meters of workshop and 3,000 craftsmen, we can produce 3 million handbags every month. We can guarantee that your order will be completed within half a month.

LEATHER BAG FACTORY China Handbags Manufacturer,Customize Genuine Leather Bag

LEATHER BAG FACTORY is a leading handbag manufacturer in China, with 18 years of manufacturing experience, we help customers design and manufacture their handbags. We have a strong team of designers and production workshops, producing 3 million handbags every month, we accept handbag customization services, and we are happy to help every customer realize their dreams.

Work with us, our professional sales staff will serve you one-by-one. If you have any problem in the process of handbag manufacturing, our sales staff will solve it as soon as possible.

If you are looking for a professional handbag manufacturer, LEATHER BAG FACTORY is your best choice!

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