Cutting is the first step in the production process, including cutting leather and inner fabric materials.

The main materials include leather (e.g. cowhide / lambskin) and pure materials (e.g. pu/ Canvas / nylon), which are different in cutting.

For example, the leather is cut manually. Because the leather always has some scars, we need to avoid defective parts, which is why the leather loses a lot in the cutting process. Vegetarian materials are always cut by machines.

Scraping means removing the plush from the bottom of the leather. In addition, some leather is thick. We need to scrape it to a suitable thickness to ensure that it can work well in production.

Some designs are structured. Leather itself can not make it easier to stand, so we need to add lining materials to support the whole design. Glue it to the bottom of the leather, and then assemble the lining material on it. Make it strong enough. Different materials have different thickness and different touch. We usually choose them according to customers’ needs.

Painting: add oil to the edges of the leather to make it look good. The prices of different painting oils vary greatly. For the same design, if inferior oil paintings are used, the cost is about $1; But if you use high-quality oil paintings, the cost is about $3. Of course, inferior painting oil can only last for 2-3 months; Good quality oil can be used for a long time, at least 5 years.

Custom logo includes metal logo / embossed logo / printed logo.

Metal signs can be made in any common color, such as gold / silver / light gold / bronze / light bronze.

Embossed logo can be embossed in blind / silver / gold / light gold foil.

Stitching is the most important part of the production process.

In this step, we need to pay more attention to every detail.

As we all know, there are always many hardware accessories on the bag. Some hardware needs to be installed before sewing, while others need to be installed after sewing. Different hardware will be installed by different machines.

*Cleaning and packaging are the last part of production. In this part, we need to cut off the excess suture and clean the stain / glue and other defective areas. Then we can pack the bags.

*Package details include paper towel + dust bag (if required) + plastic bag + sticker (if required) + outer box