A handbag maker is typically referred to as a “handbag designer” or “handbag manufacturer”. In the context of a person who crafts handbags by hand, they might also be referred to as a “leather craftsman” or “artisan”, particularly if their work involves a high degree of skill and craftsmanship. If the focus is more on the commercial production of handbags, the term “manufacturer” or “producer” could be used. Companies like the Leather Bag Factory are examples of handbag manufacturers.

The terminology used to refer to a handbag maker can indeed vary depending on the context and the scale of production. Here are a few more terms that could be relevant:

  1. Bagmaker: A general term used to describe someone who makes bags of any kind.
  2. Cobbler: Traditionally refers to someone who mends shoes, but in some contexts, it might extend to individuals who work with leather goods, including handbags.
  3. Cordwainer: This is an old term traditionally referring to someone who works with new leather to create items like shoes. It could possibly be extended to the creation of handbags, especially in an artisanal context.
  4. Saddler: Originally referring to individuals who made saddles, the term ‘saddler’ could, in a broader sense, also apply to people crafting other items from leather, including handbags.
  5. Leatherworker: This term refers to someone who crafts items out of leather, a category that includes handbags.

In the context of larger-scale production, terms like ‘supplier’, ‘distributor’, or ‘handbag manufacturer‘ might be used.

When it comes to the artistic and design aspect, ‘handbag designer’ or ‘fashion designer’ (for designers working across multiple categories of fashion items) would be the most appropriate terms. For instance, many designers at the Leather Bag Factory could be referred to as ‘handbag designers’.

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